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Opas Kazue

Hei, minä olen Kazue!


I have lived in Seinäjoki since 2010. I like visiting the buildings designed by Alvar Aalto. I hope I visit all of them in Finland some day in the future.


Mikä sai sinut lähtemään oppaaksi?

Alvar Aalto is one of the most famous architects in the world. Many tourists visit Aalto Centre for the reason from all over the world and it is worth to visit. So, I would like to introduce the greatness of Aalto Centre and Apila Library for them.


Missä kohteissa opastat?

Aalto Centre and Apila Library


Mikä on sinulle tärkeä paikka Seinäjoella ja miksi?

Aalto Library

Alvar Aalto designed not only buildings but also lamps, furniture and so on. For example, this lamp is simple and beautiful. It also has another function. This is one of my favorite places where I can tell the story.


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